Workshop 1
Sunday 14 to Thursday 18 April 2019

Are you a teacher, occupational therapist, psychologist or other professional interested in students with learning and behavioural challenges? If so, you may be interested in further training to have a broader understanding of the relationship between a child’s early development and learning so they can fully engage in their educational experience. 

The Extra Lesson® Training Course is based on The Extra Lesson, which was developed by Audrey McAllen in England from the holistic developmental perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s education of the child.

The full practitioner course is at a post-graduate level and so a pre-requisite is a degree, unless a person is able to show they have the equivalent prior learning to a degree. 

The course is predominantly distance-run and spans 6 consecutive semesters. It involves two intensive workshops a year with private study and practical work with children throughout each semester. The modules are made up of a range of topics which are cumulative and progressive, to build the theory and practical application. The modules are not taught as separate units but are covered over several workshops.

This is Workshop 1 for the full training and is part of Semester 1. Subsequent workshops are as follows:

Workshop 2 - Sep/Oct 2019 Semester 2

Workshop 3 - Apr 2020 Semester 3

Workshop 4 - Sep/Oct 2020 Semester 4

Workshop 5 - Apr 2021 Semester 5

Workshop 6 - Sep/Oct 2021 Semester 6

The course ends Oct 2021.


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