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Registrations are now being taken for the Introductory Workshop in Auckland in July this year.

Venue:   Steiner House, 104 Michaels Avenue, Ellerslie

This Extra Lesson® Workshop is based on The Extra Lesson, which was developed by Audrey McAllen in England from the holistic developmental perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s education of the child. The child’s early development lays the foundation for later learning and behaviour. 

 This 5 day workshop is being run by the Extra Lesson Institute, an organisation that has further developed the Extra Lesson in the Asia Pacific region to include recent research in the areas of learning difficulties and behavioural disorders to maintain the professional standards required for work in this area.

 The workshop includes a series of lectures on child development which aims to bring an introductory understanding of the Extra Lesson and how it supports the learning, developmental and functional needs of the child through both theoretical and practical aspects. The lectures and presentations are given by both a qualified and highly experienced Extra Lesson practitioner and trainer, and anthroposophical doctor.

 The workshop is open to all people interested in child development –  teachers, teacher aides, health/healing practitioners such as occupational therapists, psychologists, art therapists and assistants, parents and grandparents.

Attending the first workshop provides the opportunity to find out more about the Extra Lesson and is the first step to enrolling in the Extra Lesson full practitioner training course, for those with suitable qualifications.




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